Spring Break 2000

Day 9

On Saturday morning we left Pittsburg on US 22 and took it to Ohio state route 7, which we took to I-70. It followed the Ohio River, and was scenic. We took I-70 to Columbus, Ohio. We stopped downtown and looked at the state capitol, and walked around the downtown a bit. We then took off for Dayton. One thing we noticed was that to the east of Columbus it was pretty hilly, and to the west was very flat, like much of Indiana and Illinois.

We drove through downtown Dayton, although we didn't stop, as we didn't see much of anything. We then drove to Indianapolis, our where our motel was.

[US 22] [Columbus] [Water Tower]

US 22 bridge over the Ohio River, downtown Columbus, a water tower under construction in western Ohio

[Welcome to Ohio] [Ohio State Capitol]

Welcome to Ohio sign, Ohio State Capitol

[Welcome to Indiana] [Back of Van]

Welcome to Indiana sign, the van all packed

Day 10

On Sunday morning we left Indianapolis around 8, and got back to Platteville around 2:30 PM. We went on I-65 and I-90 and US 20, through Chicago.

Here are the total numbers for the trip:
  • 3618 miles
  • 10 days
  • About $415 for Craig
  • 9 major destinations
  • 15 states & the District of Columbia
  • 173.9 gallons of gas
  • 20.8 miles per gallon
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