Spring Break 2000

Day 5

On Tuesday morning we drove around the Jacksonville loop before departing for Georgia. We took I-95 to Savannah. Upon arriving, we went downtown and stopped at the visitor's center. There we found maps of historic downtown, and we decided to walk around for a couple hours.



[Doug and Craig] [Ben]

Doug and Craig; Ben

[Craig] [Scott]

Craig; Scott

Savannah has a very old and historic downtown area. It was the first planned city in North America, so it is very organized. The streets are laid out in a grid fashion, and there are little squares (parks) every few blocks. There are plenty of old homes and businesses, and the riverfront is very nice. There are buisinesses who have the first floor of the buildings, and there are apartments above them.


Savannah Bridge

[Savannah] [Savannah]

Savannah bridge, square in Savannah

[Savannah] [Savannah] [Savannah]


[Savannah] [Savannah]


[Savannah] [Ben,Doug,Scott,Craig]

Savannah; Ben, Doug, Scott, and Craig in a square

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