Spring Break 2000

Day 4

On Monday morning we left for Jacksonville. The Florida Welcome Center on I-75 is unique in that they give out free tastes of Orange Juice. We got to Jacksonville around 12:30. It was very nice and warm. We parked downtown and ate a nice restaurant on the river. We ate outside, and it was nice. We seriously talked about spending a few days in Florida and cutting out later parts of the trip. Then we went to the beach, and that talk changed. It was only about 60 degrees and extremely windy, compared with about 75 in downtown Jacksonville. (Jacksonville is about 15 miles inland) So, our plans to lay on the beach were thwarted by cold weather.

We did walk on the beach a little bit, and I got my first view of any ocean. The water was pretty warm, though. After an hour or so, we decided to drive back to Jacksonville. We went to the motel, and then drove back downtown. Jacksonville has a lot of distinctive bridges, so those were interesting. When we got downtown, we discovered that there was a Monorail. So for 35 cents we got to ride on it, which was cool.

[Welcome to Florida] [I-75]

Welcome to Florida sign, I-10 in Florida

[I-75] [End I-10] [Jacksonville]

Call box on I-10, End I-10 sign, Downtown Jacksonville


Downtown Jacksonville


Downtown Jacksonville

[JAX] [JAX] [JAX Monorail]

Downtown Jacksonville, Downtown Jacksonville, Jacksonville Monorail

[JAX Beach] [JAX Beach]

Jacksonville Beaches

[Jellyfish] [Group Photo @ Beaches]

Dead jellyfish on the beach; Ben, Craig, Doug, and Scott on the Jacksonville Beach


A couple bridges of Jacksonville


Downtown Jacksonville

[JAX] [Scott]

Downtown Jacksonville, Scott hanging from Main Street Bridge

[Monorail] [Monorail]

Rail for the Monorail, an attempt at a picture from inside the Monorail

[Group Photo in Monorail] [Monorail]

Craig, Ben, Scott, and Doug in Monorail; looking outside from Monorail

[Monorail] [Pump Room]

Guide wheels for Monorail, pump room for fountain


Downtown Jacksonville

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