Spring Break 2000

Day 3

We arrived in Atlanta at about 11AM. We parked and then proceeded to explore. First we went to Centennial Park, which was very nice. Then we went to eat at Varsity's, which is America's biggest drive through. (They had indoor seating, too) The food was excellent, especially the onion rings. I ate onion rings a lot on the trip, and these were the best. Then we went to the Coca-Cola Museum, which was very interesting. We walked through Altanta Underground, which is basically a mall underneath the street. Around 4 we went to the Westin Hotel, and went to the lounge on the 70th floor. (This is Atlanta's tallest building) We took in a great view. The last thing we did before we left downtown was go to Centennial Park one last time, to enjoy the green grass and the scenery.

Atlanta's freeway system is excellent. It is nice and new, and many lanes wide. This is a result of them preparing for the 1996 Summer Olympics. The downtown is really nice for this reason, too. Atlanta was one of the top three places we went to on our trip, I would really recommend going there sometime.

[Centennial Park] [I-75]

Centennial Park, I-75/85 Southbound

[Centennial Park] [Atlanta]

Centennial Park, Downtown Atlanta

[Atlanta] [Coca-Cola Museum]

Downtown Atlanta, Coca-Cola Museum

[Altanta] [Westin Hotel] [Atlanta]

Building in Downtown Atlanta, Westin Hotel, Georgia state flag

[Coke Museum] [Coke Museum] [Atlanta]

Coca-Cola Museum, Coca-Cola Museum, Downtown Atlanta

[Coke Museum] [Coke Museum]

Coca-Cola Museum

[Atlanta] [Atlanta]

Atlanta Underground

[Atlanta] [Westin Hotel]

Atlanta, Westin Hotel

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