Spring Break '99

Day 3, continued

Then we left for the Hoover Dam. Going through Boulder City and driving to the dam sucked, the traffic really bit. But when we got there, it was way cool. We parked, and got in line for tour tickets. We wanted to go on the "hard hat" tour, which is more in depth than the regular tour, but they were all sold out. So we had to settle for a regular tour. It was cool. The dam is an engineering marvel.

[Lake Mead] [Hoover Dam]

Lake Mead, generator building


Rocks approaching the Hoover Dam

[Hoover Dam] [Hoover Dam] [Hoover Dam]

Power lines, power lines looking to Arizona, Colorado River

[Hoover Dam] [Hoover Dam] [Hoover Dam]

Looking east, spillway, generator room on Nevada side

[Hoover Dam] [Hoover Dam]

Intake towers, spillway tunnel

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