New Berlin Recreation Trail

Description: The New Berlin Recreation Trail is a Waukesha County trail that runs straight east-west across New Berlin. It runs along a power line that is next to a railroad ROW, so it is relatively flat. The trail isn't very scenic, with power lines and a railroad adjacent, but it is a fast way to get across New Berlin and is an important connector on the Madison to Milwaukee trail system.

Official Website: New Berlin Recreation Trail

Length: 6.5 miles

Surface: Asphalt

Access Fee: free

Facilities on the Trail: Greenfield Park at the eastern terminus has facilities

Connections: The eastern end of the trail directly connects with the Oak Leaf Trail in Greenfield Park. The western end of the trail is at STH 164 in Waukesha. From there you can take about 2 miles of city streets to connect with the Fox River Trail or the Glacial Drumlin Trail. Map 1 and Map 2 were scanned from the Waukesha County bike trail brochure and map, respectively.

History: The following information is from the Ecology Association of New Berlin: (EANB)

  • Starting in 1973, members of the EANB organized an effort to build a bike trail along the Wisconsin Electric Power Company maintenance road which parallels the railroad tracks. It would run between the Milwaukee County "76" bike trail system (now called the "Oak Leaf Trail") in Greenfield Park on the East, and Springdale Road on the West.
  • The EANB held a public meeting on November 13, 1974 to discuss the bike trail. Waukesha County Park & Planning, WEPCO, and University of Wisconsin experts were present to discuss the plan and listen to public opinion.
  • The EANB organized additional public meetings and formed a Bicycling Committee reporting the City Council. The EANB also corresponded regularly with WEPCO, Waukesha County, the State DNR, and City officials.
  • Construction on the New Berlin Bike Trail began in the fall of 1983 and was officially opened at a dedication ceremony on May 19, 1984. EANB members ran a "bikethon" and drawing for prizes.

    Improvements: The entire length of the New Berlin Recreation Trail was paved in late June 2006. Waukesha County received a Federal CMAQ Grant to fund this excellent improvement. The pavement is 10 feet wide.

    Photos: (taken 4/28/03)

    Looking east, a bit west of Calhoun Road

    Looking west, a bit west of Calhoun Road

    The trail begins here at STH 164

    Looking west across STH 164, the trail connects to Lincoln Street in Waukesha

    Signs for connection between New Berlin Recreation Trail and the Glacial Drumlin and Fox River trails. (Photo taken 8/16/03)