Fox River Trail - Waukesha

Description: The Fox River Trail runs through the City of Waukesha along the Fox River. It starts on the north end of Frame park and continues south along the east side of the river until it gets to Fox River Park on the south side of the city. (with the exception of a small segment on the west side of the river through Grede Park south of Wisconsin Avenue.) There also some 'bonus' trail segments that mirror the trail on the west side of the river. Those segments are all north of the Grede Park segment.

Length: About 6 miles

Surface: Mainly asphalt, with some small sections near downtown that are brick

Access Fee: Free

Facilities on the Trail: There are several parks along the trail that have bathrooms and water

Connections: There is one direct and one indirect trail connection to the Fox River Trail. The Glacial Drumlin Trail connects just south of College Avenue. The New Berlin Recreation Trail has an indirect connection over about 2 miles of city streets in Waukesha. The connection is well-marked and goes through decent neighborhoods. Map 1 and Map 2 were scanned from the Waukesha County bike trail brochure and map, respectively.


Looking north off a ped/bike bridge just north of Veterans Park.

Looking north off a ped/bike bridge just south of Barstow Street. Trail on west side of the river is under construction. Trail complete on east side.

Looking south off same bridge.

Looking north at trail in Frame Park. Notice separate trails for pedestrians and cyclists.

Signs for connection between New Berlin Recreation Trail and the Glacial Drumlin and Fox River Trails.