Helpful Hints for Navigating Wisconsin Cruise

There are three ways to navigate Wisconsin Cruise. The first, and most direct, method is to choose a starting point on the Wisconsin State map on the main page and then navigate your way through the state by clicking on the signs. The signs have all been mapped so that a single sign panel will lead to a single destination, except in the case of arrow boards. These signs have been mapped so that certain portions of the board will lead to a destination corresponding to the highway shield, the city name, and the arrowhead/stem. The system has been designed so that there are no dead ends that will require the use of the back button on your browser.

The second method, designed for power users, involves the use of a pop-up map that targets the links into the main window. This enables you to go directly to a new location without returning to the main page. Even if you never use the map to pick a destination, it is still a handy tool for discerning your location within the state's roadway network.

The third method, designed for insane people, is typing in the acutal location of the page on which the signs are located. On this frame-based site, that method is not recommended because it results in the loss of the menu bar at the bottom of the page. However, more information will be available soon on our naming convention, for those who are interested in how such things are developed and implemented.