Symbols and Abbreviations in Wisconsin Cruise

The U-Turn
The U-turn is a tool that you can use to turn around. At a dead end, a U-turn will bring you back to the previous interchange and you will approach it from the opposite direction. When you are approaching an interchange, the U-turn allows you go past the interchange, turn around, and approach the interchange from the opposite direction.

The Arrow
Use the arrows on the Wisconsin Cruise Main Map (located on the homepage) to begin your travels on the system. Clicking on the arrow will bring you to the next interchange upstream. Most major metropolitan areas have arrows allowing you to enter them on any one of the major arterials.
Sign Accuracy Rating System
The accuracy of the signs displayed on Wisconsin Cruise is reflected by means of a rating system. The results of the rating system always appear on the right-hand side of the page just below the sign. For more information on sign accuracy, see How accurate are the signs? on the FAQ page.
  • * - an asterisk resembles the stars you used to get on your papers in grade school (right?) and indicates a perfect match. This means that the sign was created and a hard copy of the sign was taken into the field and compared with the actual sign, changes were made, and the process was repeated until no changes were necessary.
  • ! - the exclamation point is an indication that the WC field crew obtained good hard evidence of the contents of a sign or sign group. Signs rated this way are generally made from diagrams produced on-the-go. These signs are pending final verification.
  • 0 - a zero indicates approximately how much field work has been done to verify the contents of signs rated in this category. Often, these signs are merely the best approximation that can be made regarding the sign or sign group.
Signs that are not real are not rated. Instead, the notation THIS SIGN IS NOT REAL is used in place of the rating system. When these signs are present, commentary regarding the actual signs (or lack thereof) is usually provided. Sometimes, "fake" signs differ from the real signs only in the addition of an exit number tab.