Getting More Out of Wisconsin Cruise

How accurate are the signs?
The signs as reproduced as accurately as possible. However, we do understand that there will be signs that are not as famililar to us as they could be (in cases where the WC Road Crew has only been there once or the information was gleaned from other sources, such as photographs or highway plans). To help you gauge the accuracy of the signs, we've created a rating system. The results of the rating system always appear on the right-hand side of the page just below the sign. For more information see the help section on the Wisconsin Cruise Accuracy Rating System
How do I become a part of the WC "Road Crew"?
You can't actually participate in real Road Crew activities but you can send us your feedback and input regarding the site. If you see a sign that you are familiar with and notice that we've made mistakes reproducing the sign, please feel free to contact us and we will research the problem and make the necessary "repairs".
Tools for browsing in a frame-based environment

The following procedures are possible using the local menu obtained by right-clicking on the background of the sign page (the top frame).

  • Viewing the sign page source: Choose "View Source" from the local menu. If you choose "View / Source" from the Internet Explorer Menu, you will receive the source for the window, not for the frame.
  • Viewing the sign page URL: Choose "Properties" from the local menu and look for the Address: field under the General tab in the Properties window. The sign naming convention will be explained in detail soon.
  • Refreshing the sign page: It is possible to click on the Refresh button on your browser's toolbar or choose "View / Refresh" from the Internet Explorer Menu, but using the "Refresh" command on the local menu will only reload the sign frame and may be faster for slower connections.