Racine County Trails

Racine County maintains an on-road bicycle route and several off-road trails. Here's the description from the 'Racine County Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails' brochure:

"In 1970, a 100-mile bicycle route was established. This marked route envelops the entire county and allows the biking public to discover and enjoy Racine County's many historical and recreational sites."

Racine County Bike Map

The off road trails are listed below, with descriptions from the 'Racine County Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails' brochure in quotes, and links to more detailed pages and photos about them.

  • MRK Trail - "This five mile trail begins at Layard Avenue, just west of Douglas Avenue in Racine and continues north to Seven Mile Road. Through a trail connection, you may want to visit Cliffside Park along the route."

  • North Shore Trail - "The biking linkage between Racine and Kenosha County begins at 19th Street and West Boulevard in Racine and goes south for three miles to KR where it connects with Kenosha County for an additional four miles."

  • Racine / Sturtevant Trail - "The 2000 construction provided a trail westward from the North Shore Trail. It extends westward to Willow Road with a marked connection to Pritchard Park."

  • Seven Waters Trail - In 2003, the following trails were consolidated under one name, since they form a continuous trail.

    Burlington Trail - "As you travel northward near Riverside Park in Burlington (by the Wisconsin Electric sub-station) this four mile trail will take you on an enjoyable ride with the beautiful Fox River visible along this trail."

    Norway Trail - "This 1.2 mile segment begins at Loomis Road, east of Highway 36 at Wind Lake and will proceed northward to the Waukesha County line. (City of Muskego)"

    Waterford Trail - "If you like country, this five mile trail is for you! The trail begins on the west side of Highway 36 at Highway 20, connecting Waterford and Wind Lake."

  • UPDATE: According to Craig Anderson of the City of Muskego Parks Department, they will be extending the trail on the north side of WI 36 in Muskego south to the northern end of the Seven Waters Trail. This will create a continous trail from Burlington to Franklin to St. Martins, and then west on the Muskego Trail, a distance of over 20 miles. They hope to complete the project in 2007.

    Here's a link to the City of Racine bike map: Bicycle Pathway System