Oak Leaf Trail - Franklin Spur

The Franklin Spur of the Oak Leaf trail is a 2.4 mile spur off the main trail in the southwest part of the county. It branches off of Drexel Avenue just east of 68th Street. The first 1.8 miles is an off-road trail. Most of that is wooded, and the trail goes over several wood bridges/boardwalks, of which one is several hundred feet long. There is a large open grassy area just before you get to the Sports Complex, where the trail continues for 0.6 miles on the entrance to the complex. The trail ends at Ryan Road and 60th Street. One item the map does not show is Puetz Road, which has been connected across the Root River. The trail passes under Puetz Road, next to the Root River.

The Franklin Spur is a relaxing ride, with quite a few people from the surrounding subdivisions using it. There are official and unofficial access trails from the neighborhoods, plus some parking on Drexel Avenue and Puetz Road.

Photos: (taken 10/06/03)

Looking south at the beginning of the trail on Drexel Avenue.

Looking south at the longest boardwalk on the Franklin Spur.

The south end of the trail at Ryan Road.

Looking north from Ryan Road the beginning of the trail.

Looking north at the beginning of the off-road trail at the Sports Complex.

Looking northwest as the trail curves to go under Puetz Road.

Open area on the northbound trail, north of Puetz Road.

Looking north approaching some bridges just south of Drexel Avenue.

Looking north of Drexel Avenue, this is where the main trail will get a new segment in the future.