Potential Bike Rides

Trail Length Location Surface Description
West Central Wisconsin Trail Complex 101 miles Marshland (between Winona and La Crosse) to Reedsburg Limestone Screenings Four trails make up this system. They are the Great River State Trail, La Crosse River State Trail, Elroy-Sparta State Trail, and the 400 State Trail. I'd like to bike the whole thing sometime, preferably with a friend. I'd like to take Amtrak up to Winona, then bike back home via these trails and the Glacial Drumlin State Trail. Either motels or camping for two or three overnights.
Glacial Drumlin State Trail 52 miles Cottage Grove (just east of Madison) to Waukesha Crushed Stone / Asphalt Pavement The trail runs on an old railroad ROW. I'd ride the trail to Natalie's house in east Madison, meeting Becky and the kids there. The distance from the eastern end of the trail to my house is about 10 miles, for a total ride of about 62 miles.
Ozaukee Interurban Trail 30 miles North-South length of Ozaukee County Asphalt Pavement The trail runs on an old railroad ROW for the most part. I would park at a trailhead in southern Ozaukee County, and then ride as far north as I wanted and then turn back. Potentially 60+ miles of riding.
Oak Leaf Trail 76 miles Loop around Milwaukee County Asphalt Pavement The trail loops around Milwaukee County on about 1/3 off-road trail, 1/3 parkway, and 1/3 municipal streets. I have biked most of the trail, but would like to bike around the whole thing in one day some time. The trail is one mile from my house. Potentially 80+ miles of riding.
Mountain-Bay Trail 83 miles Westin (Wausau) to Howard (Green Bay) Compacted Granite The trail runs on an old railroad ROW. I would get a ride to Westin and ride back to my parent's house. Potentially 85+ miles of riding.
Military Ridge State Trail 40 miles Dodgeville to Madison Crushed Limestone In Madison, you can connect with many bike trails, including the Capital City State Trail and the Badger State Trail.
Janesville City Trails 14 miles Janesville Asphalt Pavement Makes almost a complete loop around the city.
Long Prairie Trail 15 miles Rockford to Capron IL Asphalt Pavement In addition, there are some nice trails around Rock Cut State Park.
Chicago Lakefront Bike Path 18 miles Chicago Lakefront Asphalt Pavement This is always a fun ride. Potentially 40+ miles of riding.
Des Plaines River Trail 51 miles Northern Chicagoland Crushed Stone & Asphalt Pavement This trail runs through both Lake County and Cook County.
Katy Trail 225 miles Clinton MO to St Charles MO Crushed Limestone The longest rail-trail in the US.