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Bike Trails of Wisconsin
and the Midwest

This website documents many of the bike trails in Wisconsin and around the Midwest with descriptions, maps, and photos.

Find highway information on about the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin. There are lots of historic maps, construction photos, and unique items.

Photo Album

My photo album has a lot of great photos from my many trips, plus other interesting shots you'll love to see!


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  • The Green Bay Packers are by far my favorite sports team. I like the other Wisconsin teams, like the Badgers, Brewers, and Bucks, but I love the Packers. I grew up in Green Bay, and my bus route went right by Lambeau Field every day during grade school. The fans there are great, and it is neat to have the only publicly held professional team in America. I watch every game, and attend one once in a while in the south end zone using my extended family's tickets. Hopefully I'll see a few more Lombardi Trophies there during my lifetime.

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