Make a U-TURN and go back to Green Bay.

Unfortunately, WI 57 is not an expressway to Door County. It is for about 4 miles north of I-43, but then goes down to 2 lanes just before WI 54 splits off. It is then 2 lanes until WI 42 joins it 5 miles south of Sturgeon Bay. It 30 miles of 2-lane congestion during the summer. Many fatal head-on collisions on this road have led to the speed-up of the plans to convert it to four lanes.

During the 1999-2000 construction season, WisDOT built a diamond interchange at the WI 54 / WI 57 split. The twin WI 57 bridges go over WI 54 and CTH I. (WI 54 goes east, CTH I goes west) The bridges are a few hundred feet west of the old intersection. Current plans are to convert WI 57 to four lanes between WI 54 and just south of Dykesville from 2002 to 2003, and then from Dykesville to WI 42, where the expressway currently starts again, from 2004 and 2008.