At the US 41 interchange of WI 441 and US 10, US 41 has collector-distributor ramps. (On this page, signs for the ramps are shown on the right side) First the ramp leaves US 41, then the ramp from US 10 west/WI 441 south joins it, then the US 10 east/WI 441 north ramp splits off, then a ramp to North Lake St., and then finally it merges back with US 41. As you can see, there are 2 ramps missing from this side of the cloverleaf, and the same can be said for the US 41 north side of the cloverleaf. US 10 was newly constructed in 1998 as a freeway from the 41/441 JCT to US 45, 4 miles west. Apparently WisDOT didn't have enough money to add ramps at that time, so now there is currently no way to get from the future US 10 east to US 41 north or south. Since they didn't construct the ramps, the future old US 10 is still the eastbound lane and the new US 10 is only westbound. They split in the west at the intersection of US 45/US 10/WI 96. They meet again at the US 41/WI 441/US 10 interchange.

It appears that WisDOT is going to construct those ramps sometime in the future, but it is not known when. US 10 is also being constructed as a 4-lane facility from Appleton to Stevens Point, so this is all part of that project.

Aerial Photo / Interchange Diagram