Hank Aaron State Trail

Description: The Hank Aaron State Trail (HAST) will eventually span from Lake Michigan to the western edge of Milwaukee County. The trail is a mixture of city streets, off-road paths, and rail-trails. The far eastern part of the trail is primarily on-street bike lanes. The section from 13th Street to Miller Park is primarily a side path along Canal Street. At 37th Street there is a bike bridge over the Menomonee River to connect to the western extension, which is a rail-trail that goes all the way to 94th Place, which is two miles shy of the county line. The DNR owns the old railroad right-of-way all the way, but the upcoming reconstruction of the Zoo Interchange (through which the trail will pass) has left the HAST with a temporary end.

History: The HAST was supposed to run on the south side of the Menomonee River between Miller Park and 26th Street, but that plan was changed in 2005 to have the trail run adjacent to the Canal Street extension, which is a part of the Menomonee Valley redevelopment. This eliminated the need to build an expensive bridge over the rail yards at 27th Street. There are now plans to use the south side of the river to create a natural area and connect with the Mitchell Park Domes. This construction is to be complete in 2012. The rail-trail western extension to 94th Place was paved in the fall of 2010.

Update: According to Emlynn Grisar from WisDOT, the HAST from 94th Place west to the county line will be gravelled in late summer 2011 as part of mitigation for the I-94 repaving project. They will also be creating the connection there to the Oak Leaf Trail. This will be a temporary surface until after the Zoo Interchange project is done and the trail will then be surfaced with asphalt.

Official Website: Hank Aaron State Trail

Other Links: Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail

Map: Hank Aaron State Trail - Trail Access Points

Eventual Length: 12 miles

Surface: Asphalt

Access Fee: free

Facilities on the Trail: During Brewers games, the Sausage Haus is open at Miller Park.

Connections: The western end of the trail will directly connect with the Oak Leaf Trail at Underwood Creek on the western Milwaukee County line. The Brookfield Greenway Trail System is accessible in that area as well. The eastern end of the trail will connect with the Oak Leaf Trail Main Loop near the Summerfest grounds. At Miller Park, the trail directly connects with the Oak Leaf Trail East-West Connector at Doyne Park.

Photos: (taken 8/13/03)

A stub end of the trail at Miller Park. That's I-94 in the distance.

Looking south from Selig Way.

Typical trail segment near Miller Park.

Going straight under the bridge takes you to the Canal Street extension. Going up to the bridge will take you on the former official path of the Hank Aaron Trail, along the south side of the Menomonee River.